Awaken to Your Divine Dignity, Don’t try to Achieve it.

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“We cannot achieve our inherent dignity—our divine sonship and our divine daughterhood. All we can do is awaken to it and start drawing upon it, appreciating it, reveling in it. We live with an inherent dignity by reason of our creation, a dignity that no one has given to us and no one can take from us.And it has nothing to do with our race or religion. Hindus have it and Buddhists have it and pagans in Africa have it. They are just as much children of God as we are. Objectively. Theologically. Eternally. Where else do you think they came from? Did some other god create them, except THE GOD? Their divine DNA is the same as ours. We deny our supposed monotheism if we believe anything else.”  – Richard Rohr
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