Yoga, Beads & Beer Cans: Why “Things” Cannot be Inherently Wrong for Christians

Beer Cans and Bible School Recently, a former student of mine sent me a message to ask a very important question about how followers of Jesus should interact with the Continue Reading →

(Con)Tending for the Gospel: Part 4 – How to Tend To the Gospel

Contending versus Tending… So far we’ve come to understand the Gospel as an organic, dynamic garden that has content and dynamism. It is at the same time both transcendent (beyond Continue Reading →

The Gospel Coalition’s “Theological Famine”

About 2 months ago, I posted an article entitled, “That vs. The Gospel Coalition: An Unopened Letter to TGC.” In it I explained my frustration and disappointment in the use Continue Reading →

“That” vs. “The” Gospel Coalition: An UnOpened Letter to TGC

One month ago yesterday, I wrote an email to the facebook page run by The Gospel Coalition. During the 2007 national conference, TGC co-founder, D.A. Carson gave two inaugural addresses, entitled, “Plans Continue Reading →

The Canon of the Church is not Closed

Arguments and positions abound regarding the authority of Scripture.  The basic argument for its divine authority is that for a period of time, God authorized the inspiration of human authorship Continue Reading →