A Eulogy for Jerry Umanos (Or What Baptism REALLY Means)

I just recently moved to the North Lawndale neighborhood. Jerry Umanos was someone who had been intimately connected to the “Lawndale Miracle.” Jerry had, for the past few years, felt Continue Reading →

Ultimatums, Interpretations and an Old World Vision

I had originally started working on this piece in the wake of World Visions decision to allow gay and lesbian persons to work at their U.S. branch. But WV has Continue Reading →

Oscar Romero: One with the Church, One with the Poor

Intro Today marks the 34th anniversary of Archbishop Oscar Romero’s martyrdom. Romero was the preeminent voice of peace and justice during his three-year archbishopric of El Salvador (1977-1980). But how Continue Reading →

The End of Racism? (Ruminations on Eph. 2:11-22)

To be a Christian is to be a reconciler of relationships. Seeking out reconciliation between people groups is often an uncomfortable endeavor. However, if Christian’s truly want to obey the Continue Reading →

The Cross of Discipleship (Lessons with Dr. Scot McKnight)

For those who follow the blog, they know I am a first year seminarian at Northern Theological Seminary. For those who are disciples of Dr. Scot McKnight, they know that he teaches Continue Reading →

Jihad: A Struggle Within

Violence and the religion of Islam have become almost synonymous during the post 9/11 era.[1] The aftermath of this tragic event has resulted in paranoia and fear for both Muslims Continue Reading →

The Hope of the Lost Son: Non-Violent Forgiveness

Here’s my idea: The story often called, The Parable of the Lost Son (Luke 15:11-32), can actually be read as a story about a father’s response to the violence done against Continue Reading →