Griffin Mitchell’s Dream

This is a guest post by a friend of the blog. This poem, written by 13 year old Griffin Mitchell, is deeply inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. and his quest for equality and justice for all. This poem is deeply moving, as one considers the age of the writer as well as the content. It should be noted that most 13 year old boys could care less about poems, let alone issues regarding ecology, racial hatred, women’s rights, foreign policy and religious understanding. Read, and be enriched.


I Have a Dream

The Society Today, the struggle is as hard as clay.
The poverty, in it no one is sovereignly.
The pollution, very many give a contribution.
College prices, sting your wallet like smelling hot spices.

I have a dream.
Women’s political power, is so low you can taste how sour.
The world is so messed up today I wish I could slip away.
I have a dream that one day the world will seem to have more logic
Than some dumb celebrity that seems iconic.

I have a dream.
That one day gas prices didn’t feel like rolling dices
Just to go to a station to fill your motor transportation.
that one day our country’s debt
Will e so low no one will worry about if their taxes are met.

I have a dream.
That wars over the sea will be so long gone peace in this world will feel free.
The incision of religion will be sewed in a great condition.
That being a racist is a bad as being a terrorist.
I have a dream.

-By Griffin Mitchell

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