Nathaniel Grimes

Nathaniel Grimes

Nathaniel Grimes is a New Hampshire transplant attending Northern Seminary in West Chicagoland.

After a career in marketing, Nathaniel dropped out of society to fix what he saw as a severe shortage of white male theologians. He is now making his parents proud by exploring theology, philosophy, ethics, political theory, and occasionally the Bible. When not reading, writing, or playing FIFA, he remembers to pay attention to his wife Kiana, and his dog Karl Barx.

Be sure to check back as Nathaniel will be taking a position as one of Restoring Pangea’s guest writers!

You can follow him on Twitter: @Nathaniel_g

Nathaniel’s Posts:

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  2. The Site of Conflict
  3. The Alternative Ecclesiology of Policing

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The Salvation Podcast


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