It Is Thou

Natalia Kadish I Kgs 19

Natalia Kadish I Kgs 19

We often retreat to the confines of our caves
You ask us Why
You should know though
Your word and Your covenant compel us
But loneliness is the zealot’s portion
Your word is a flame to our feet and a pain in our asses

We make our homes in unmovable granite fortresses
“Just for the night” we whisper to ourselves
But night is perpetual in caves

And then we hear a commotion
We make our way to the cave’s mouth
Is it Thou?
No, it is just a great wind
We brace ourselves, we embarrass ourselves
We try to get a grip by grasping tight our giant stones
But the whirlwind turns our giant stones into tiny pebbles

Not to be detoured we become stoic boulders
An unsettling movement shakes our hardened souls
Is it Thou?
No, it is only an earthquake
Another natural disaster
But we know that there’s nothing “natural” about disasters

The pebbles now resemble coals
Scorching heat and magnificent colors
Is it Thou?
No, it’s a fire this time
And we rage with the flames
Behold the naked and wild furry

Shh! Nothing’s next
Foreboding silence is the ultimate aftermath
Is it Thou?
No, it is simply the quiet that accompanies chaos
We cannot scream and we cannot cry out
We cannot hear and we cannot be heard

You said You would meet us here
We begin to make our claim on the Most High
We remain resistant and ready
Prepared to get down and dirty with the One and Only
The pebbles become ammunition as we hurl them towards the heavens

And then out of nowhere
It happens
A still small voice emerges out of the nothingness
It is Thou.

Josiah R. Daniels

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