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Church History:

Oscar Romero: One with the Church, One with the Poor

Current Events:

Kendrick Lamar’s Hip-Hop Jeremiad (Published @ Religion Dispatches)

16 Shots and the Importance of Disruption (Published @ Missio Alliance)

Everything Will Be Alright: Overcoming Christian Whiteness (Published @ Ground Motive)

Why I Won’t Share the Video of Walter Scott’s Murder

Body Politics: Tortured Bodies, Black Bodies and the Resurrected Body (Abridged version @ Missio Alliance)

My Trip to St. Louis (i.e. My Overtly Religious Musings)

Michael Brown, Tupac and God

Why Christians Need to Press the Mute Button (Responding to Phil Robertson)

Ultimatums, Interpretations and an Old World Vision


God Crucified (A Reaction to Kevin DeYoung)

Gender Studies:

Bikini’s and Cultural Sex-Capades

Ashes (Week 1 2015)
Denying Denial (Week 2 2015)
Temptation: The Reality of the Faithful (Week 3 2015), Matthew P. Vega
Submission – Realizing that I am Philemon (Week 4 2015), Peter Stevens
The Cross (Week 5 2015)
Shreveport (Week 6 2015), Nathaniel Grimes
The Resurrection Without Revenge (Easter 2015)Nathaniel Grimes


Summer Syllabus Pt. 1

Summer Syllabus Pt. 2


The Funeralization of Black Flesh

The Orange god

It Is Thou

Only Fools Dream (A Poem for MLK)

Political Theology/Theological Politics:

Bioshock Infinite: Nationalism or Baptism?

Drones… Lament

Lord Grant Us Anger… Walter Brueggemann and THE Biblical Vision

Socialism vs. Redistribution: A Response to Art Lindsely and the Gospel Coalition pt 1

So That No One Would Laugh at the Church:


De/Reconstructing Black History Month (February)

The End of Racism? (Ruminations on Eph. 2:11-22)

Race Series: Pt 1, Pt 2 and Pt 3.

The Cross and the Lynching Tree pt 1 and pt 2, in conjunction with Dean Dettloff

Either/Or: A Mulatto Assault on Totalism

Only Fools Dream (A Poem for MLK)

How Long Will Justice Be Crucified and Truth Crushed:

  1. Racialization
  2. Trayvon Martin and God Talk
  3. The Banality of Charity
  4. Charity and the Poverty Culture
  5. Gestures of Charity vs. Acts of Solidarity
  6. Conclusion
  7. Summary


Jihad: A Struggle Within


Our Sorrow, God’s Weakness (A Personal Testament)

A Eulogy for Jerry Umanos (Or What Baptism REALLY Means)

God Does Nothing

God the Slave 

God Bless America

Mercy + Justice = Mutuality

The Suffering of God:

  1. Metaphors and Anthropomorphisms (Introduction)
  2. Pain and the Drama of Israel
  3. Divine Pathos and Prophetic Embodiment
  4. The Suffering of the World and the Pathos of YHWH (Conclusion)


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