Lessons Learned Lately (L3)

When you live out your live life to the fullest you will not always experience fullness of life.

When you follow your heart and work hard you will not always find work.

And as you and I pursue each task in front of us always looking to the horizon for the things we dream about those things will begin to happen, then not happen, then begin to happen again, and then not happen many times before they actually happen.

Don’t be fooled by fast results or easy successes, but be grateful for them.

They do happen, but when they do, we receive them as a gift.

When we reach milestone on the journey to where we are going, our embrace of success will still be just as complicated as the long beginning to our journey.

When we experience happiness about something, we will at the same time, be in anguish over another.

Desire what you really want and be okay with wanting the wrong things.

Be ready to receive what you really want sooner than you would have ever expected.

Also, be prepared to never receive some of your desires. Never stop wanting them.

This kind of life will require so much more of us than we ever thought we needed to give.

Not everything is going to be ok, but much of it will be.


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