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Practical Theology

Short Story/Autobiographical:

Trauma, Recovery, and Good Friday

The Inevitable Spiral: Reflections at the Intersection of Doubt & Grief Theory

Solidarity, Memory, and a Suffering God: Reflections on Wolterstorff’s “Lament for a Son”

Meeting Hurting People: Questions of Shame, Honesty, and Prayer.

C.S. Lewis: A Friend in Grief | Part One – A (Surprising) Biographical Sketch

C.S. Lewis: A Friend in Grief | Part Two – Lewis the (Maturing) Author

Why I Appreciate Mark Driscoll’s e-Book: Pastor Dad

Hostility Vs. Hospitality: Excepts from Henri Nouwen’s “Reaching Out”

Mary, the (un)credentialed mother of Jesus.

Public Theology 

Disability Theology at the Beach

The Theology of Kanye West: When “Yeezus” is Offensive

Jesus the Heretic? – Capital Punishment & Christianity

Christus Paradox: The Idolatry of Language & the Balance of Metaphors

The Early Church: Critics Of The (American) Empire?

“Socialism vs. Redistribution: A response to Art Lindsley and The Gospel Coalition | Part 2”

God’s Greatness vs. God’s Goodness

“The Rob Bell Show” 

Biblical Theology 

From Ziggurats to Skyscrapers

The Bible Is (Not Always) Very Clear About…[Fill-In-The-Blank]

Why We Call God ‘Father’: A Hopeful Response to Simon Chan’s CT article

Gender Issues, Sexuality & The Church 

More Than Footnotes  Part 1: Women Leaders in Early Church History

More than Footnotes Part 2: Women Leaders in Medieval Christianity

More Than Footnotes Part 3: Women Leaders in The Reformation Era

More Than Footnotes Part 4: Women Leaders in the American Colonies

The Problem with Porn Part 1: Beyond “Just don’t do it”

When Does Service Become Power? Richard Beck’s Take on Gender in Church Leadership

Either/Or: Mood’y Bible Institute’s Men’s…I Mean, Pastors Conference

Modesty: Confessions From A Weaker Brother

Book Review of Caroline J. Simon’s “Bringing Sex into Focus”

Spiritual Formation 

The Hope of the Lost Son: Non-Violent Forgiveness

Henri Nouwen – Preaching on “The Hour of Power”

Learning to See God as the Other: Our Initial Act of Faith?


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