Only Fools Dream









Only Fools Dream
Martin Luther King was given foolish dreams

Martin hated himself when he was a boy
Nihilism, hung around colored folks heads like broken halos
Lo, the pale were the angels
Martin, ever sympathetic for the pathetic

Only a fool would boycott busses
Worn soles of shoes
Martin’s feets was tired but his soul was rested
Blessed are the feet that bring good news
Martin was a fool

Only Fools Dream
Martin Luther King knew about foolish dreams

Martin didn’t know the white racist God
Segregation now, segregation forever and ever. Amen.
Say it again Martin, tell us about Liberation
Martin, listenin’ to the burnin’ bush

Only a fool would refuse bail
Jail cells, filled with fellow freedom fighters
Martin, a preacher-man, dreamin’ in prison
Birmingham’s rough places will be made smooth
Martin was a fool

Only Fools Dream
Martin Luther King spoke of foolish dreams

Martin condemned violence as heretical
To live by the sword is to die by the sword
To die by the cross is to live by the cross
Martin, prayin’ for good ole Bull

Only a fool marches for justice
Gandhi, hiked to the sea for salt
Martin, trekked to the reflecting pool to prophesy
Let justice roll like a river, righteousness like a stream
Martin was a fool

Only Fools Dream
Martin Luther King died for foolish dreams

Martin damned capitalism and militarism
Patron saint of the downtrodden
Sanitation workers and Vietnamese children
Martin, singin’ we shall overcome

Only a fool tells the truth
Don’t say no to the status quo
Martin, Memphis eve, crimson blood, a cacophony of cries
Take his hand precious Lord, lead him home
Martin was a fool

Only Fools Dream
God, a dreamer who exalts the weak

God who heals the tongues of the mute
A mighty fortress for the destitute
Shelter for the meek and humble
God, lifts up the lowly

Only a fool prefers the disinherited
Chosen to shame the strong
Christ, the incarnate God, lynched on a tree
A dream for reconciliation through resurrection
God is a fool

Josiah R. Daniels

Dedicated to Minga Ndjerareou, a fellow dreamer… and fool

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