Nathan Smith


Nathan Smith is Editor-in-Chief for Restoring Pangea.

Nathan started blogging in 2005 while traveling overseas. It was the primary medium to connect with people who followed him on his travels. After touching down in 40 countries, finishing graduate school and starting a family, Nathan decided that writing about his experiences and the things that seem to matter most is a good use of his time. Nathan’s posts will consist of looking for the missing element, the story behind the story, hope-filled theological satire and some poetry.

His research interests include Biblical Studies, Contextualization, Developmental Theories and global Literary & Cultural Topoi. He holds a B.A. in Church History, an Mdiv from Trinity International University and will finish a ThM in Old Testament form Grand Rapids Theological Seminary in December of 2015. Ongoing research in anthropology and contextualization may take him into a doctoral program in the future, but he is happy figuring out the Old Testament for now.

Two friends, who are currently in graduate school, have joined him in commiserating at Restoring Pangea – Josiah Daniels and Michael Wiltshire. Their influences and interests range from gender issues and political theology to spiritual formation and pop culture. Following this blog means staying connected to what all three writers are thinking. Mostly they are thinking about how to participate in God’s plan to set this world aright, to in effect, Restore Pangea.

If you like what Michael, Josiah or Nathan are addressing in their writing, don’t hesitate to link their work or request them to compose a piece for your blog, Ezine or the writing platform of your choosing. Enjoy, and if there are any questions about the blog, please email Nathan at


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