Body Politics: Tortured Bodies, Black Bodies and the Resurrected Body

It has been a tumultuous month here in the United States. Not only has a dark shadow been cast over U.S. policing but now we have been alerted of yet Continue Reading →

YHWH Takes Sides

NOTE: This post was written by one of our guest bloggers, Nathaniel Grimes. For more from Nathaniel, be sure to check out his page. “I assure you that there were Continue Reading →

So That No One Would Laugh at the Church Pt. 3

Slavery, Lynching and Memphis Terrorizing the “other” for the sake of “peace” has played a large role in the formation of the United States. Since its beginnings, the U.S. has forced Continue Reading →

How Long Will Justice be Crucified and Truth Crushed? (Pt. 4 Charity and the Poverty Culture)

In my fourth post of this series, I investigate the ways that the “poverty culture” and the practice of charity remain symbiotic to one another. Charity, in more ways then one, perpetuates Continue Reading →