How Long Will Justice be Crucified and Truth Crushed? (Pt. 1 Racialization)

And so beings one of my (Josiah) summer series. This series is particularly dedicated to touching on issues pertaining to America, race, poverty and the role the church should play in Continue Reading →

Solidarity: Picking Sides with the Lakota

Pine Ridge Reservation. A long time ago…well not so long ago, the United States government decided to move the Lakota people away from the Black Hills after finding gold there. Continue Reading →

Drones… Lament

  “Drones.” Indeed, the very term symbolizes both the ominous inevitability and the technological superiority of the United States. Not only is the “War on Terror” unending, but it has Continue Reading →

Bioshock Infinite: Nationalism or Baptism?

ALERT: SPOILERS AHEAD Irrational Games has always had a knack for creating video games which transcend the traditional “entertainment” standard. Irrational has always been dedicated to cultivating a universe that Continue Reading →

Lord, Grant Us Anger: Walter Brueggemann and THE Biblical Vision

To respect the Judeo-Christian tradition means resisting oppressive structures that continuously present themselves throughout human existence. Within certain Christian circles, attention to resisting and critiquing “Empire” has exponentially increased due Continue Reading →