LGBTQ Matters: Infinite Desire, Totalistic Desire

Nathaniel informed me last week that the world “needed” my thoughts on gender and sexuality specifically pertaining to LGBTQ matters. Now, I know one of Nathaniel’s virtues to be sarcasm Continue Reading →

The Suffering of God: Pain and the Drama of Israel

See previous post here… YHWH’s suffering is a theme that is present throughout the Old Testament narrative. From the beginning, YHWH willingly enters into the suffering of creation. Stated differently, Continue Reading →

How Long Will Justice be Crucified and Truth Crushed? (Pt. 1 Racialization)

And so beings one of my (Josiah) summer series. This series is particularly dedicated to touching on issues pertaining to America, race, poverty and the role the church should play in Continue Reading →

Ultimatums, Interpretations and an Old World Vision

I had originally started working on this piece in the wake of World Visions decision to allow gay and lesbian persons to work at their U.S. branch. But WV has Continue Reading →

Why We Call God ‘Father’: A Hopeful Response to Simon Chan’s CT article

“He [God] chose to liken himself to a mother…”[1] -John Calvin In a recent post on Christianity Today, Professor Simon Chan wrote an interesting piece on the importance of God’s Continue Reading →

Lord, Grant Us Anger: Walter Brueggemann and THE Biblical Vision

To respect the Judeo-Christian tradition means resisting oppressive structures that continuously present themselves throughout human existence. Within certain Christian circles, attention to resisting and critiquing “Empire” has exponentially increased due Continue Reading →