The Orange god

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Eye-Light bulb from Guernica by Pablo Picasso

Ready the instruments of war
We cannot afford to ignore the prophets
 of the Homeland Security Totem Pole
Preemptive strikes
This god fights
for all who embody his attributes: denial, anxiety, capriciousness, nationalism

We who see the world through the prism of Abraham’s God will remain hospitable
We are unable to bow down to an Orange Alert god

There is no god but Allah
Arbiter of righteousness and justice
Not just for us but even unto the evil ones
Thou art beckoning, hoping, reconciling

Blessing emanates from the breath of YHWH
The machines of death must be cursed
We your people have been dispersed throughout the nations
to proclaim berakah and shalom

Fixed are our eyes on Jesus Christ the Slave
Not merely a sage but somehow God in perfect weakness
Jesus, we repent for our inclinations
to call down fire instead of peace

We will not cease our denouncing the Orange god
We will not cease our inviting strangers into our midst
We will not cease our imagining a wild space of Love
We will not cease in our preparing this world for Thou

Josiah R. Daniels

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